Concussion Rehab

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Educate Yourself on Concussions

Educate yourself on concussion symptoms and their impact.

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Proper Concussion Treatment

Eliminate your symptoms and get back to work, school, or sport.

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Prevent Future Concussions

Learn how to avoid concussions down the road.

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Concussion Education

Are you feeling pressure in your head? Are you nauseous and vomiting? Are you experiencing balance problems and dizziness? Educating yourself on concussion symptoms and the impact that they can have on your mental and physical health is an important thing to do for any person. At Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance, we take pride in educating our patients and doing that as part of our concussion rehabilitation program. Educating yourself gives you a better chance of getting the proper treatment that can help you in the long run.

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Concussion Treatment

Immediately after a concussion, the best thing you can do for your concussion recovery is get treatment as early as possible. The longer you delay getting adequate treatment and establishing a plan of care, the longer your recovery will be. Getting back to normal can be difficult on your own and that is where physical therapists like us come into play. A physical therapist will examine your neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular systems to best define a routine that addresses your particular symptoms in all of your daily environments. Physical therapists can also help with dizziness and restoring strength.

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Concussion Prevention

Preventing concussions isn’t always easy or in your control, but there are things you can do to avoid having to deal with a concussion again. Making certain life changes like ensuring your helmets fit properly, always wearing your seatbelt, and correcting faulty lighting and tripping hazards will go a long way. Another prevention we recommend to our patients is to strengthen their neck muscles. Stronger neck muscles will decrease the impact certain falls will have on your head.

At Elevate Rehabilitation And Performance, we work with many types of athletes, from weekend warriors to high school, college, semi-professional, and professional players. If you need our concussion rehab services, contact us in Mississauga today!