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Welcome to the Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance Blog! This blog was created for you to help answer common questions from members of our community.

My Origin Story

Most of you already know me and what I’m about but I’d like to share with you a story that hopefully will help you get to know me better and help you understand how and why I got into this profession.

My origin story if you will.

While I was studying kinesiology at York University I had a part time job at a Benjamin Moore paint store. In fact, I was there for so long that if you go into that store now and tell them Mike sent you, you’ll most likely get a discount (the Dixie and Dundas location in Mississauga).

Back to the story …

One day at work, I saw a business card by the computer which had the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Toronto FC logos on it. I asked around and was told this was a new customer who works with the Raptors and was coming back the next day to pick up his paint.

Being a huge Raptors fan, I was determined to “bump into” him. The next day I did not take a lunch. I did not take my eyes off of the front counter. I made it my mission to meet and talk to him.

And I succeeded!

Turns out he was the athletic therapist for the Raptors. We chatted for a bit, he told me all about athletic therapy and that there was a program at York, as I helped him with his paint.

That summer I applied to the program at York but unfortunately did not get in. It was not until my second try that I had made it in.

My Time At York

During my time at York I worked with the track and field team, women’s basketball and football. I also, did an internship with the Toronto Argonauts one summer.

That same summer after my Argos internship, I received an email saying the Toronto Raptors were looking for interns. I immediately stopped what I was doing and went home to brush up my resume.

Fast forward about a month after my interview with the Raptors, I get a call that I got the internship. I’ll never forget walking into the therapy room at the ACC and seeing that same customer from the paint store sitting in the corner of the treatment room.

I asked if he remembers me and he looked at me trying to figure out where we met. He asked me to remind him and I said “I’m the guy who sold you paint about 4 years ago”.

So my journey came full circle. The man who influenced my decision to enter the field of athletic therapy was now mentoring me in my last year as a student and has since continued to be a valued mentor.

He taught me the value of empathy, the importance of attention to detail and the power of not having an ego.

Two men posing for picture
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Two men posing for picture
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My Life After York

After graduating from York, I got a job at a physiotherapy clinic. I became increasing frustrated with the way they treated their clients and with their model of care that they had developed.

The clinic cared more about the size of the client’s insurance coverage than their health and well being. They would put people on machines and leave them in the room alone until the timer ran out. Then they would say “See you in three days for the next one”. They would routinely push orthotics or braces even if the client didn’t actually need them. This frustrated the hell out of me.

I went from treating professional athletes who got top of the line care to a place where they didn’t care if you got better or not so long as you kept paying. I didn’t understand why these people weren’t being treated the same way that professional athletes were.

I left the company after 7 months.

Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance

This company was created for you.

I wanted to create something that had clients like you and your health as a top priority. Chances are you’re not a professional athlete. This doesn’t mean you should be receiving a sub par level of care. You should always be treated like a professional athlete.

I understand how frustrating it is to go to a clinic and feel like you’re just being sold to every time you walk through the door.

I understand how frustrating it is to hear your doctor tell you to stop running because of your knee pain. Or to stop playing golf because every time you do it hurts your low back.

As an athletic therapist my job is to keep athletes in the game or get them back into the game as quickly as possible. I do not want to see people quit the sports or activities they love because of injuries or chronic pain.

This is why my mission is to keep as many people active, independent and free from pain medications. Because everyone deserves to live life injury free.

I chose the word Elevate because it represents the journey we take to becoming better. It symbolizes overcoming obstacles by using small and consistent actions leading to gradual improvements to wellbeing and living a life free from injury.

I hope this blog adds a little bit more value to your lives and helps to keep you injury free.

Talk soon,


Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance.

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