4 Tips For A Faster Recovery

Get Back To Doing What You Love

It’s frustrating to step out of your normal activities or your sport because you’re in pain! If your body is preventing you from doing what you love, know you’re not alone — and that we’re here to help! We believe that everyone should live a life with as little pain as possible. If you’ve been sidelined by an injury, contact us to schedule an appointment, and follow these tips for a faster recovery.

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Get Plenty of Sleep

Most recovery starts with sleep! Our body is incredible at healing itself, but we have to give it the rest it needs to recover. Sleep helps grow new, healthy tissue at the site of your injury, and when you begin sleeping, your body releases large amounts of growth hormones. Also, as you fall into deeper sleep, your blow flow increases, healing your muscles faster.

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Allow Time To Heal

We all want our injuries to heal as quickly as possible, but you need to take time to heal! Even if you start feeling better, try not to go back to what you were doing earlier until you’re cleared by one of our massage therapists. Going back to your sport too early can lead to further injuries and increase the amount of time you’ll need to recover fully.

Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises

Listen To Your Body

Pain is a signal that something is wrong and we need to pay attention to it! Listen to your body and avoid movements that cause you pain. Don’t try to push through pain, instead, continue your athletic therapy and talk with your therapist about what’s been causing you pain. We’ll make a customized treatment plan or adjust your plan if you’re experiencing pain in different areas.

Patient at the physiotherapy doing physical exercises

Start Rehab As Soon As Possible

Starting rehab early helps keep your injury from getting worse. You don’t have to wait for your MRI results, and you can start pre-hab before rehab. Also, it may seem like a good idea to rest completely, but resting can lead to you overcompensating with another part of the body which can lead to complications that delay recovery.

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