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No one likes to be limited by their injuries. Don’t let pain keep you from doing something you love - playing with your kids, taking your dog for a walk, playing golf with your friends.

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Why Choose Us?

Founded by a lifelong athletic therapist with a passion for helping people of all ages move pain-free, Elevate Rehabilitation is Oakville's go-to source for solutions to injuries and more. Our dedication to customizing proven treatments to our clients empowers us to provide real results, and we’re honored to have a chance to improve the quality of life of everyone who comes through our doors.

Mike, our founder, got his start in sports medicine by serving the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Argonauts as an athletic therapist. Today he’s dedicated to bringing the same skill that kept elite athletes moving to families in his community. He believes that everyone deserves the chance to live independent of painkillers and other impeding factors, and he will always go the extra mile to make sure his patients are getting the improvements they deserve. When you choose Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance, you get all major physical therapies available to you under one roof. Most importantly, you get the care of a specialist who genuinely wants to improve your life.

Make your appointment with Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance today. Mike will assess your current state and build a customized treatment plan that targets your unique goals. From there, your pain will lessen, your need for medication will diminish, and you’ll be safe from future injuries. Schedule your appointment today.

Conditions and injuries We Treat

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • ACL Tears

  • MCL Injury

  • Meniscus Injury

  • Knee Replacement

  • Low Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Hip Replacement

  • Neck Pain

  • Concussions

  • Bone Fractures

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

  • Reduced Mobility and Range Of Motion

  • Muscles Imbalances

  • Posture Correction

See what our happy customers have to say about us:

Leave pain behind thanks to the effective, customized treatment you’ll receive with Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance. We’re a family-focused sports rehab center helping our patients leave medications behind and thrive without pain. See what our patients have to say about our compassionate, personalized care.

"Mike has helped me treat and overcome several sports related injuries with great success. He has also provided me with preventative exercises to help mitigate any potential injuries brought on by repeated work-related movements. Mike always asks the right questions to get to the true root of the problem and takes the time to educate you on what’s going on. His enlightening, friendly, and effective service set him apart from the rest and will always have him as my go-to."

- Matt O.

"I’ve gone to Mike and Elevate Rehabilitation and Performance to help with my neck, shoulder, and back pain and I can honestly attest to the complete professionalism and care I receive for each of my treatments. With Mike’s help, not only I am able to get back to being pain-free quickly but I am equipped with the knowledge to prevent future instances of discomfort and pain. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a highly qualified professional who will always have your long-term health in mind."

- Alex M.

"Mike is very knowledgeable and very professional. My family and I have used his services on few occasions. Not only did he get us out of pain (on some occasions quite severe) but he also recommended exercises to do afterwards and checked in after a few days to make sure that we were doing ok. Always made sure that we know he is just a call or text away for any questions that we may have.

I would recommend him to anyone that is in pain or has an injury. Can't thank him enough for his help and care."

- Patricia J.